Paoletti Tessuti, Aromata (Italy) and Novocor (Germany) will reinforce the supply of textiles whilst Tris Guardolificio (Italy) and Srivathsa (India) will enrich the offer of plaited leathers.&rtreturn;Exotic leathers will be presented by the usual exhibitors: TCIM Roggwiller, Gordon Choisy, France Croco (France), AF di Albarello Ferdinando, Italven Pelli, Centrorettili, Anaconda, Reptilis, Caravel, Federico Albarello (Italy) and Atlantic Leather (Iceland) but also thanks to the new Spanish companies, Verdeveleno and Exotics Valencia.&rtreturn;Five national pavilions will be organised: the French federation of tanners, Assintecal and CICB (Brazil), Agenzia di Promozione Economica della Toscana and the Consorzio Italian Leather System (Italy).&rtreturn;Le Cuir a Paris will renew its partnership with the IFM (French Fashion Institute) next February. Nine student-designers will present prototypes of gloves, shoes and clothing produced in collaboration with brands such as Bally, Charles Jourdan, Clergerie, Louis Vuitton and Polux.&rtreturn;The Designer’s Village will display the works of four other designers:

– Hélène Thoorens, who created the new 2008 visual of Le Cuir a Paris and her recent signature shoe collection for French footwear chain ‘André’, comes back next February showcasing purses in fur and leather.

– French artist Mireille Rohr will exhibit accessories (jewels for men and women, watches, bracelets and necklaces) in leather totally handmade by Mireille herself.

– The Brazilian designers Erika Ikezili and Taisa Hirsh will present their clothing in fish leather under the ‘Dona Gueisha’ brandname.