Stahl, world leader in specialty chemistry for coatings, processing and treatments for many everyday materials, has implemented several digital services to be able to uphold its high level of technical service for its customers in times of social distancing. 

With its 600 technical experts, better known as ‘Golden Hands’, Stahl is known to offer its customers a high level of technical service, traditionally at the customer or at one of Stahl’s 9 worldwide Centers of Excellence.

Unified Communications Platform

As a result of COVID-19, Stahl has taken measures to prevent unnecessary direct contact with visitors, business partners and between colleagues. Employees who can work from home are working from home. Since in many countries Stahl is not able to meet customers in person, Unified Communications Platform Microsoft Teams has been implemented to enable sales and technical service staff to service customers remotely. 

Video conference, webinars, live streams

John Fletcher, group director corporate affairs at Stahl: “Stahl’s migration to Microsoft Teams as its chosen communications platform is the first of several upcoming digitalization initiatives aimed at delivering a professional engagement environment to our clients and supply chain partners. We are committed to improving our already strong level of customer intimacy with the latest digital tools and are looking forward to working even more closely with our stakeholders and clients.”  

Stahl will be organising video conferences, webinars and even live streams with Microsoft Teams to give its customers an experience that is as close to the technical service level they can normally expect from Stahl. 

LinkedIn Groups and direct e-mailing

Digital communications are not new for Stahl. The company has been very active on social media for the last seven years. Stahl’s LinkedIn profile has over 15,000 engaged followers while its Instagram account has more than 24,000 fans. In the next weeks, Stahl will also extend its service to customers by creating dedicated expert groups on LinkedIn, which will be invite-only groups where Stahl experts answer questions on ESG-related topics like renewable carbon, LCA and chemical compliancy. Also, customers who will subscribe to Stahl’s newsletter will receive information about products and services of Stahl, that’s specifically relevant to them. 

Customers can expect to be invited to participate in digital engagement in the next weeks.