"I am so happy we made it! From now on all our exports will be easier to handle with substantially reduced customs clearance times. Our customers will greatly benefit from it", says a proud and gladful Ms. Gisela Bauer, manager internal sales.
On 5 April, 2016 HEUSCH is one of the first suppliers to the leather and textile industry to be awarded with the certificate. The grade AEO-F/’Authorized Economic Operator – Full’ is the highest certification level issued by the WCO (World Customs Organization). The rules of procedure define a global simplified customs process.

It is well known that HEUSCH’s products and services are up to the highest international standards. Now it is proven that also their processes are up to meet the most challenging levels of safety and efficiency.

As HEUSCH customer you will benefit from AEO-F certification:

  1. The whole custom handling process will be faster and simplified
  2. Security relevant custom inspections are based on the simplified process helping to speed up the procedure.
  3. Should the HEUSCH customer also be AEO-F certified the saving potential is high as process time and inspection costs will be significantly lower.

By introducing the AEO-F certificate the WCO and other international partners intend to increase the safety and efficiency of the global supply chain. To achieve this all AEOs are but under a rigid regiment of controls to verify reliability, liquidity and obedience of relevant statutory provisions and security regulations.

The AEO-F certificate vouches for:

  1. All HEUSCH employees and partners are constantly screened for security risks
  2. All products and deliverables are safeguarded against fraud and security hazards
  3. Heusch having a clean record on all laws and regulations dealing with international trade and export
  4. HEUSCH’s financial stability with ample liquidity.

HEUSCH already meets these criteria for several years. But now the official AEO-F status documents the formal adherence to the quality standards with an internationally recognized seal of quality.

HEUSCH and its customers can completely rely on the seal and use the successful certification to its benefit. Delivery times and custom handling process will be much shorter both in the country of origin and in the recipient country.

As HEUSCH voluntary underwent and passed the certification process today HEUSCH partners benefit from planning reliability. It is expected that AOE-F certification will soon become mandatory for all internationally operating enterprises. Not all of them will be successfully certified and not all will obtain the longed for seal.

With its AEO-F certification HEUSCH sets a new benchmark for suppliers to the leather industry, which tanners will very much appreciate.