TanWare BLUE provides automatic in-line measurement of area, thickness as well as classification, sorting, continuous marking, selection, automatic stacking, quality reporting and photo documentation.

The TanWare BLUE system is a camera based area measurement with high precision of +/-1%. It enables robust thickness measurement with high internal precision of 0,01mm. The system impresses with a unique ERP data integration for control of fully- or semi-automatic sorting lines.

INCOTEC offers now the fifth generation of the product portfolio. The TanWare 5G components are available as standalone solutions or to add on measuring device onto your favourite machine choice, e.g. new or existing sammying machine.

The innovative feature of TanWare BLUE is the real-time photo function. The camera takes a picture of the hide, which will be stored for documentation. This feature is a huge relief. You can safe and link the photo to the screen of hide properties like hide area and thickness, e.g. for process management, detailed documentation or even complaint processing.

First information can be found on the website www.tanware.com.