Designing innovative yet sustainable items is a priority for fashion brands. To support these brands, Stahl offers a complete STAHL EVO range: the next generation polyurethane coatings for shoes, bags, garments and other fashion items. Stahl’s Spring / Summer 2016 collection – which will be exhibited at Lineapelle – shows that the latest trends can be realised without compromising on quality, looks or sustainability by using STAHL EVO. In addition, seven students who are following the Master of Footwear Innovation have been challenged by Stahl to develop new applications on footwear with STAHL EVO materials. This resulted into seven distinct shoe designs, that will also be shown at Stahl’s booth at Lineapelle from 25 to 27 February.

Nicoline van Enter, Creative Director of SLEM: "Visitors of Stahl’s booth at Lineapelle will find a collection of jaw dropping high heels made with waterproof lace that will make anyone want to get married or plan a romantic evening. That is only one of the concepts!"

The future of STAHL EVO materials for footwear

SLEM in Waalwijk offers a unique Master of Footwear Innovation. Here students learn everything about footwear forecasting, design and technology. Stahl provides several scholarships to SLEM students. "Improving sustainability in the leather and synthetics industry is one of our top priorities. We believe that awareness should already be created during the study. To support this and promote the development of innovative and durable materials, we partnered up with SLEM and provide several scholarships per year", Stahl’s Market Manager Vasco da Silva explains.

With this philosophy in mind, SLEM students were given the task to envision a concept, design a shoe and create it for Stahl’s booth at Lineapelle. Students diversified into three main concepts: casual shoes inspired by mindful living, working shoes inspired by street workers in China, and show-stopping high heels inspired by STAHL EVO and soft bondage. The results will be on display at Lineapelle and you can vote for your favourite shoe via SLEM’s Facebook page.

Step forward

STAHL EVO enables manufacturers to produce fashionable coated fabrics in a more sustainable way. Stahl’s innovative additions are the 100% water-based STAHL EVO topcoat and the DMF(A)-free EVO base. The STAHL EVO coatings do not contain any restricted substances, offer the performance that fashion brands are used to, while also reducing water and energy usage during the production process.