The optimism with which we showed up at SIMAC 2017, led by the introduction of three new digital cutting systems, has been more than repaid by a large number of visitors who have shown keen interest and real curiosity in the new proposals Made in Elitron.

The sensations that this trade fair is providing us with are good and positive. Especially with regard to growth outlooks in international markets, which seem to be pretty actual and interesting, probably because creating an integrated and interconnected production work flow is becoming a need that industry operators consider ever more imperative and with obvious advantages.

The main attraction was undoubtedly the new double-head Plaza TH system, introduced for the first time on the occasion. A digital cutting solution dedicated to large size materials for industrial processing of materials for furniture and automotive upholstery, Plaza TH redraws the paradigms of the traditional cutting systems performances.

The innovation and the improvement in productivity are not only achieved through the addition of the second independent beam, but especially to the development of software dedicated to the workload balancing of each cutting head and the optimization of the machine operation.

Most visitors showed great interest in what we believe is going to be the new frontier of leather cutting: maximising workflow from the acquisition to the cut.

In fact, thanks to Visio nesting tables, it is now possible to have a dedicated station to scan the material, detect any defects and allow the placement can be successively carried out in a traditional or offline manner.

The remotely managed nesting represents the change towards a more fluid workflow where productivity is maximized. The advantages in terms of competitiveness are real, tangible and immediate: first of all, the cutting system remains always productive since it is never used as a nesting station; the optimisation of the materials is greater since you move from a nesting performed on a skin by skin basis to one automatically performed on the entire acquired hides stock. The innovation made in Elitron will lead the productivity of each department being continuous for the duration of each shift.

The Booster ICE cutting system, dedicated to the world of footwear which became our trademark, has been subject of praise and appreciation of the increasing word of mouth among the sector operators.

Ease of use, exceptional quality performances along with low management costs and simplicity in maintenance operations, have made this system the preferred working partner of each cutting operator.

For the world of textile materials typical of fashion and upholstery, we presented the evolution of the conveyor cutting systems of Kudos Series. These upgrades have satisfied all operators in the fashion high-end whose production volumes require suitable solutions for continuous processing with reduced overall dimensions. Likewise, software add-ons are the real deal breaker on Kudos: in fact, thanks to NestCut it is possible to automatically nest the pieces to be cut according to the texture or the printing on the material and in compliance with predetermined stylistic rules set during the design phase.

In this step towards the Industry 4.0 automation, Elitron has shown to be present and, as usual, to be able to deliver solutions that enable operators to make a real leap forward in terms of competitiveness.