Incoma have upgraded their vacuum drier which is now more precise than previous models. Improvements to the Super Vacuum Dry allow the operator to have greater control of the vacuum levels at low temperature.

The Super Vacuum Dry has a vacuum unit, which consists of a high vacuum dry pump coupled with a special dosing valve. The new pump has been designed to maximise the drying effect and prevent moisture migration within the leather. The latest version offers the following advantages:

* Improved energy saving

* Reaches maximum vacuum level in seconds

* Complete absence of liquid in the vacuum circuit

* Low maintenance

* Extended vacuum pump life

* Zero pollution

The number and size of the drying tables varies with application and each table has two large condensers. The whole machine is made from non-corrosive materials. The Super Vacuum comes with the following equipment as standard: a double safety system which prevents the table from dropping down – tables which are set to a constant working level – logic interface to control all functions and fault finding program – and a programmable work cycle which includes a system to isolate tables if required.

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