Exandal Corp are a high technology American company dedicated to producing and exporting tara powder which is a natural source of tannins used in a broad range of fields, eg leather manufacture, food processing and others. Tara powder is processed in their own modern facility in Perú using the most up-to-date technology.

Exandal Corp operate under Good Manufacture Practices (GMP) in order to guarantee the high quality of their product. Tara powder is used in many leather applications, because it is free of unwanted substances and consequently it allows the user to obtain very bright and lightfast leathers.

Also their tara powder product offers leather processors softness and fullness, keeping a very fine and tight grain. The grain of leathers tanned with tara powder has a higher resistance to breaking load in comparison with other natural tannins. One of the main tara powder applications is as a retan for car or furniture upholstery leather, as it provides a good feel, even filling and high lightfastness.

As vertically integrated manufacturers of tara powder (natural tannin), Exandal are able to offer customers a top quality natural tara powder at the most competitive price.