22nd September 2021 – Assomac, the national association representing the Italian manufacturers of technology for footwear, leather and tanning, presents its new logo, updates its web portal, and achieves the European Collective Mark.

The journey to the renewal started in 2020, through a series of confrontational moments with partner companies, with the objective of defining a program of initiatives to update the Association, in order to improve the available tools and services for communication.
The main goal is to promote a new positioning, to reinforce Assomac’s role as referent for the international industry of technologies for manufacturers in the field of fashion, automotive and furniture.

Colours of the new Assomac LOGO mirror the pillars of the Association: Blue, for digitalisation, with attention to the “data management”, from predictive maintenance and “after sales” support.
Green for the long commitment to sustainability, shown by the ability of actively contributing to the reduction of the environmental and social impact in manufacturing productions.
Grey represents Assomac associates’ group, which means excellency, experience and tradition, beyond the ability of designing and building solutions which always answers the global markets’ requests.

Furthermore, Assomac transforms from Associative to European Collective Mark, a very important merit which will be a distinctive element in products and services of the Association and its partners.

The road to the renewal brought to the creation of a new “communication platform”; focus of the project is the renewed “Assomac web portal”, with more useful contents for users, with a system that will favour the encounter between associate companies and customers. A wide space was dedicated to international news, economic information and statistics by Assomac Research Centre, as well as Associates’ detailed information.

An “on-line TECHNOLOGICAL GUIDE” for Assomac’s product sectors makes its return with a new user-friendly design. Available in 12 languages, the guide becomes optimal for searching solutions and/or services offered by the associated companies.